Jackson Casimiro​​​​​​​
I'm a commercial film Director and Producer. While I grow those pursuits, I practice a good number of services in film and media. I mainly do graphic design and photography, but I can’t resist exploring everything else. I’m really into creating a holistic brand identity, which requires doing a little of everything. I’m also a huge nerd for technical details, like reading the white papers for video codecs (weird flex). In my free time I like to be in the outdoors, listen to podcasts, and make memes.
I founded a media production company called Postscript Media. It started as a way to organize my personal freelance work. As we grew, I brought in more people, and now use my visual eye to direct larger projects.
I aspire to have a collection of boutique lifestyle brands organized under the moniker Postscript Industries. I have Lunation Lab, which makes kits to modify clothing, and Azore Co., which is going to make a modular strap for everyday carry. They’re extremely driven by my love of design and sustainability.